So what do you get when you sign up?

A secure cloud server based content management system that will enable the club publish on a customized white labeled MobileApp and Web Portal that will open out a new engagement platform for your club and its members, at their fingertips! Your club and thereby your members become part of a network of clubs around the world. Monetize resources, facilities and have sell-out events – a great problem to have!

The App

1. The MobileApp

  • A completely white labeled and customized MobileApp
  • Made specifically for your Club for Android and iOS devices
  • Secure registration process for members
  • Event and facility bookings, notifications, payment gateway integration, live score updates and many more features!


2. The Web Portal

  • An extension of your club’s existing website
  • Features selected for the MobileApp will also be available on a customized Web Portal
  • Especially for members who find it more convenient to use a computer
  • Single content upload for MobileApp and Web Portal
The Web Portal

Content Management System

3. Content Management System

  • Web based application to upload and manage content and bookings
  • Multi-level administering & management tool
  • Ability to integrate with the existing club software
  • A comprehensive middleware that interfaces with multiple functions within the club for real-time interaction and transaction with the members
Secure Cloud Storage

4. Secure Cloud Storage

  • The Content Management System (CMS) is stored in a dedicated, password protected, secure cloud server for the club
  • Unlimited storage space that is accessible only by the club’s assigned leadership resources

How it Works

1. Register

register your club

Register your club on www.oneclubnet.com/join

2. Customize


Customize your club’s Content Management System, MobileApp and Web Portal and upload content

3. Connect & Engage

connect and engage

Connect, communicate and transact with your members like never before!

4. Belong

ecosystem of clubs

Be a part of the largest network of clubs in the world




That’s Not All!

Enjoy increased revenue and footfall from events and sponsorships brought to you by OneClubNet

Better utilize your club’s resources as members of e-commune clubs worldwide will have access to your facilities, on an optional basis